Our story

“La cucina” Bistrot in Venice Lido Is the brainchild of the holder to indicate to warm meeting and friendly atmosphere and a little ‘retro’. A call to the island Golden City of Light in the heart of the Film Festival in Venice, close to the numerous villas and luxury hotels, a few steps from the golden beach and the pier leading to the historic center of Venice in Piazza Saint Mark. This simple but at the same time refined, a sort of evolution of the tavern. A small jump in bistronomie, spirit tale of a place where food and people meet and gather. That of Bistrot La Cucina and ‘a history of perfumes and meetings. One of those places in which to enjoy good food, sip quietly a glass of wine and breathe an air of charm. Between a recipe and the other takes shape an idea of ​​the kitchen and ‘simultaneously innovative but with strong appeal to the traditions and flavors of the past. ‘Cause the name La Cucina? A large window that looks out from their room to the kitchen joins the client to the plate that awaits him and the cook and teacher “Richard” and his staff prepare wisely and carefully. Yes, because ‘over time and’ grew up and fed and charmed the customers churning out tasty food, simple and sophisticated at the same time. And the kitchen wants to pursue a polite dialogue with tradition and whose main topic is the ingredients. A daunting task awaits the customer! Oh yeah…. Which dish to choose first, including the gourmet pizza. Or to taste a typical Venetian snacks with a glass of wine or simply try a sweet good homemade accompanied by great coffee ‘. authentic flavors of the past await you. The team La Cuisine Bistrot The owner Cristina Toso and Chef Richard